What do you do if something goes horribly wrong in your business and you have an overwhelmingly large influx of unhappy customers?


I came across a video blog of a business owner who was inundated with unhappy customers due to no fault of her own (it was a postal issue) and she made a personal apology on behalf of her and all her staff for having no complaint handling experience. She advised she would make sure that all her staff were trained in handling complaints so that they are better equipped to deal with this if it should happen again.


Let me reiterate, it was not her fault. Why was she apologising to her angry customers?


A faster and more efficient way to deal with such a crisis is with just one post on the website drawing all their customers attention to a brief note explaining the postal issue, how it may affect the customer and what the business has done to mitigate the problem. For those customers who email, an automated response can be sent out with the same information, inviting them to recontact the business after a certain number of days if their item has not arrived and thanking them for their understanding and patience. The same can be done for customers who called.

An emergency customer service strategy, suited to your business, is invaluable.


CEO/Founder, Petra Jankulovski – CoHandle